Walk on the clouds…

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…dreaming is actually doing something out of the ordinary.walk_thro_clouds

…it can be something you wanted to do, but factors restrained you from moving on…

…but what matters is that YOU TRIED.. AND STILL TRYING…


I  taught English language for nine years, and I AM HAPPY to share that Ive got few students who are now holding promising  careers, so to speak…

Let me share with you a quote that was “submitted” to me ( let us just think that this is 10 years ago, when I used to torture my students with assignments/homework): This is from Ms. J. Onez in Thailand.

Its a piece of art:

Wanting to achieve something great wouldn’t be of reach unless you would be working on it.

Experiences have taught us to live right; if you’re still stuck with your mistakes,that simply entails you closed your eyes on the best part of it-learning-



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Teach me to Forget

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Memories of childhood never escaped my thoughts. Every time I see red-ribbons and cotton candies at the park, I remembered pretty well how lovely it was when I was a child… innocent, fragile, full of life and happiness!


Not everything was perfect then. I was detached with the people that I should be with during my growing up years. I knew how it was to be a granddaughter but I never had the chance to feel like a daughter and a sister.






Regret was not a word I was taught to dwell with. Everything happened, and it will come to pass.



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D’ LOVE I have in U

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red frozen roseEarly at work today, my boss told me how hard it was to book online delivery of flowers. Some shops doesn’t accept orders with the same day delivery. I asked him why is that so? I even suggested there are lots of available online stores who would probably deliver in less than an hour. He shrugged his shoulders and told me to try. He gave me his credit card and knowing that I am definite I can do this task, I sat and started scavenging the internet.

My fingers went rolling; clicking every website that crossed my eyes.


“It’s what?!”

I turned to checked my desk calendar and saw the red colored date: 14th February 2013 with a caption “Spread Love.”

Suddenly I stopped checking for flowers online, and I started checking my heart, the heart that is supposed to be so unique in every human that is capable of feeling this, feeling the love and all that is there to enjoy. My fingers wandered. I felt lost. Lost in the wilderness of pressure, worries, wishes and dreams that I dictated my heart to stop loving. I know I love my family, and if love would mean loving someone special, I know I am capable of that. But when was the last time I said the three magic words, and when was the last time I heard someone telling that to me? I searched deep, and reached for the love that is now quietly nestled at the inner core of my heart. It is still there, all it needs to be revived is a little sparkle, and a sprinkle of gold dust and I am sure I would be capable of saying I love you once again.

Don’t hibernate… spread the love and enjoy the magic of every second!


keep believng

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How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

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rememberTough, but fair. This is how the famous Mike Wallace wanted the people especially in the media to remember him when he is dead  When he died at age 92 last April 2012, the press people paid tribute to him. He was always known for his aggressive and confrontational style in journalism.

Whenever we leave our jobs and decide to join a new company, how do we want our office mates and co workers remember us? Surely, we wanted to be remembered as the best… And we always claim the best reference letter possible from the company.

And so finally when we will leave this earth, people will remember us by how we made our life pleasing in their eyes. But then, if we will take a halt and look back how do we want to be remembered? “Each one of us basically decides the decisions we make now.”remind

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