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Walk on the clouds…

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…dreaming is actually doing something out of the ordinary.walk_thro_clouds

…it can be something you wanted to do, but factors restrained you from moving on…

…but what matters is that YOU TRIED.. AND STILL TRYING…


I  taught English language for nine years, and I AM HAPPY to share that Ive got few students who are now holding promising  careers, so to speak…

Let me share with you a quote that was “submitted” to me ( let us just think that this is 10 years ago, when I used to torture my students with assignments/homework): This is from Ms. J. Onez in Thailand.

Its a piece of art:

Wanting to achieve something great wouldn’t be of reach unless you would be working on it.

Experiences have taught us to live right; if you’re still stuck with your mistakes,that simply entails you closed your eyes on the best part of it-learning-



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Teach me to Forget

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Memories of childhood never escaped my thoughts. Every time I see red-ribbons and cotton candies at the park, I remembered pretty well how lovely it was when I was a child… innocent, fragile, full of life and happiness!


Not everything was perfect then. I was detached with the people that I should be with during my growing up years. I knew how it was to be a granddaughter but I never had the chance to feel like a daughter and a sister.






Regret was not a word I was taught to dwell with. Everything happened, and it will come to pass.



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