Best Friends

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Choosing one’s best friend is the happiest yet hardest road to take. We all know that there are lots of things to be considered i.e. compatibility check, status background, solidarity, camaraderie, religious beliefs, Few of the many things I know, and a lot more.

Everyone has their own definition of what best friend is, and from time to time when ask about who is their best friend, a name will immediately come to picture. But is SHE? HE your true best friend?

Here at fayesbucket, we’ve gathered opinions of ladies and women out there, and our survey shows a very difference perspective.

Lady A : My best friend is my mom, unfailing love, never ending support.. she is my only ONE.

Lady B: I have this best friend since high school who still communicates with me, its been like a decade, so perhaps I can consider her my “best” of friends.

Lady C: the word best friend is not in my vocabulary. Best could become the worst!!! I can get along with others pretty well, but I don’t stick to that mediocre belief.

Lady D: My best friend is my life-partner! The comfort is extended beyond understanding.

So, I may define best friend to be the “one-good-friend” who is always ready to support, understand you, good times and bad times…

Let’s not forget that commitment is there, embracing a total stranger to label her as your best ( good) friend is something of the ordinary. So, let’s be truthful, not bias; considerate, not judgmental.

What about you???