Those little annoying things

Posted by on Feb 1, 2013 in Community | 0 comments

There may be days that things around you doesn’t seem to appear like they used to be, the people around you pestering you for many issues in life ,and the little things like traffic, delayed bus,no ironed dress to wear annoys you to death that you find yourself starting your day really bad..

Somehow you managed to raise the chin and tell yourself ” everything will be alright”…smile at the mirror in front of you, rush to the front door, but bang your knee to the edge of the table and ruin your black stockings… ohhh!! what else is there to complete this bad day!!!

When you are a believer, you are thankful when these sort of things come your way… My granny calls it “saving grace” we call it God’s intervention…

For what???

These circumstances can evade you from accidents, or …. even worst, death!

Cheer up when you’re annoyed.. because it opens up to the realm of heavenly feeling – Patience- 🙂

~ I’ve learnt to accept things the way they are.. and it helped me realized that no matter what I do to reach perfection,peace & quiet, its the “noise” around me that makes life merry!!