The Innocence in Pretentions

Posted by on Feb 4, 2013 in Community | 0 comments

One day, I was surprised to hear my boss yelling at the other side of our office. He was on his phone and obviously mad at the person on the other line. I can hear him say incredibly bad words, and some were even below the belt.

When he finished, he walked down the hall and passed by my table. Our eyes met. I was surprised to see his lively face, and was even shocked when he winked at me!

Out of courtesy, I greeted him “good morning!”

Then he stopped in front of my desk and told me about what I overheard. He was bragging how he scared the guy on the other line, and told me that it is important that in every conversation, you should demand action in your voice, as people will tremble when you shout at them.

I felt pity for him.

As he walked away, I can see a bag of skin walking down the hall. His every step created an enormous sound: undisputable sound of his arrogance and ignorance.