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Faye Garnet Publishing – a humble place where you come to meet the author herself as she shares with you her thoughts  on her quest to write and be read.

She loves to write. A passion that was seen during her childhood. She would write everywhere; from the walls to the floor, and even on the leaves of banana with a bar-b-Que stick. The words keep on churning. At age 6, she wrote a fictional story about a cute dwarf ( we all know dwarfs are cute) who built a fortress under her grandma’s kitchen sink. The 15 pages story work was then submitted to her Grade 1 teacher, who gave her a whooping mark of 98%.  Although her young mind wished to become  an astronaut someday, she never stop to write.

When you feel that itch in your fingers and you wanted to note down everything that is of human interest, you are what we call writers. It takes time, I know. It doesn’t happen overnight, yet you can develop over time. Just practice the craft specially bestowed on you and you may start calling it a skill. Writing is a skill. Skill that will give you the power to express without doubts and fears. (Faye Garnet)

So, if your interests fall on any form of writing, whether its blogging or reviewing posts, or simply commenting and voicing out your opinions, this place is perfect for you.

This is our humble site; you may call it home, because this is where you belong!

Our first novel is set for release the end of March; please feel free to be a part of this family. Be a member and get notified!

Welcome to our home!


Yours truly,

Faye Garnet

keep believng