“Lil Too Much!

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Wish for love, great love in your heart, to understand the people who treat you wrong.


this much

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The Humble Fruit at its Best!

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I never liked strawberries.  Aside from being expensive from where I came from, I don’t like the feel of it. For me, guava is the best. The succulent fruit that melts in your mouth, the juice that drips when you plunged your sharp teeth on it.. Awesome!

Not until I went to a place where strawberries grew like weeds on the ground. Everyone seemed to enjoy the red cone-shaped fruit. Modified by different dipping and coatings, the fruit seemed more appealing to me, than before.

I forgot my lunch bag today. So I dug deep inside my ‘bag of holdings’ and scavenge what I can have for lunch. I remembered I packed three pieces of strawberries this morning for breakfast, since it was the only thing available on the fridge. I am not that enthusiastic to remember, so I forgot the red berries still lying inside my bag. Hunger left me no choice but to open the plastic bag, and see what thrill this fruit would give me. I had the first, then the second… then on my 3rd one, I realized how amazing this fruit is…tender, juicy… and  oh so yummy!

After lunch, I will do a research on the health benefits of the fruits *giggles* Atleast to be sure what I got from it.

Happy Strawberry Day at FG.


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The Innocence in Pretentions

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One day, I was surprised to hear my boss yelling at the other side of our office. He was on his phone and obviously mad at the person on the other line. I can hear him say incredibly bad words, and some were even below the belt.

When he finished, he walked down the hall and passed by my table. Our eyes met. I was surprised to see his lively face, and was even shocked when he winked at me!

Out of courtesy, I greeted him “good morning!”

Then he stopped in front of my desk and told me about what I overheard. He was bragging how he scared the guy on the other line, and told me that it is important that in every conversation, you should demand action in your voice, as people will tremble when you shout at them.

I felt pity for him.

As he walked away, I can see a bag of skin walking down the hall. His every step created an enormous sound: undisputable sound of his arrogance and ignorance.


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Onions Makes me Cry

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Ten years ago, I helped a 7 year old boy escaped the hands of a cruel shop-owner. I was at the marketplace when I saw the small boy being dragged by the vendor.
He was caught stealing 2 onion heads, saying ” just saving all and will sell it when it’s just enough for a bundle, my siblings need bread to eat.”

Hearing his line crushed me, and I felt the knife slit my heart.

Paid a couple of kilos, begged the shop owner not to call the police, and let the boy go. His siblings needed him.

That moment still lingers in my senses; every time I hold an onion in my hand… it does make me cry.


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